Laurel Burch Color and Contrast

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Earth Mare, by Laurel Burch, for Danji Designs.  Someone saw this canvas on the webstore shortly after a mare of their passed away.  She hasn’t stitched for awhile and I think part of the stitching will be part of the healing.  It will be done in tent stitches and I thought it would be best to select threads that are a pleasure to stitch with and wouldn’t require stranding unless it was because of color.

Whenever a background is white, I think that its basically saying I can be any color you want.  Wanting the horse to be the focus I think its important that it contrast with the background so it doesn’t all become one value and blend together into a square.  Since the horse is basically light to medium in tone to have contrast the background would have to be very light, not far from white ~ or~ very dark but not as dark as black.

So I pulled several light options and several dark options and sent images to customer for her thoughts.  She deferred back to me (its so much easier when someone else makes the decision!)  I was mostly surprised that when I looked at the colors with the light backgrounds then quickly compared to picture with the dark background that made the decision.  Is it just me or do you see it too?


Of the lights I preferred the one in the center, with more yellow.

Ultimately I went with the shaded brown on the far left below; providing enough contrast to enhance the colors for the “pop factor” but not too much contrast that detracts your attention from the subject of the piece.


Earth Mare is so gentle I’m glad its going to a good home.