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Nimble Needle Blog

29 Aug

Laurel Burch Color and Contrast

By Danji Designs

Earth Mare, by Laurel Burch, for Danji Designs.  Someone saw this canvas on the webstore shortly after a mare of their passed away.  She hasn’t stitched for awhile and I think part of the stitching will be part of the healing.  It will be done in tent stitches and I thought it would be best […]

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15 Apr

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

By Uncategorized

Yesterday was the 8th Annual NJ Needlefest hosted by Susan Hoekstra of Foxview Needlepoint (and she has a few other credentials).   By now its feeling like a family reunion except you like everyone.  It was a day of stitching and fellowship and am grateful to be a small part.  Thanks for all the support shown […]

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1 Apr

April Spring Stitching, no foolin’

By Uncategorized

Some inspirational Spring Stitching.  Any canvas shown as a kit is also available without threads, and vice versa with those w/o threads!  Many on sale… Raymond Crawford Chick & Willow ON SALE 135. Pat the Bunny Kit, sold out but will be available week of April 2nd. Melissa Prince Urban Chick 84.   Happinest , […]

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11 Feb

A Rainy Sunday

By Uncategorized

Pretty much sums up a day of rain, rain and more rain.  Cat Nap Inn by Cooper Oaks. https://nimbleneedlenj.com/product/cat-nap-inn-with-threads/ or 168 without threads. Cat Nap Inn On the subject of cats…by Charley Harper Crazy Cat Crazy Quilt $179.  This canvas is the size of a big old Tom Cat! Or a Cat wearing a quilt! by […]

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15 Nov

For the Birds

By Amanda Lawford, birds, Birds of a Feather, books, Carolyn Baird, Charley Harper, Christmas Stockings, Fall, Melissa Shirley, Mindy, Owls, Sandra Gilmore, stockings, Uncategorized

Old crow by Melissa Prince.  $124 on 18, with lots of shapes to play using different stitches in.  As for the Crow himself consider Field Guide by CHB now Back in Stock!   Thistle Owl on 13 $139. Bluebird reduced to $80 from 92.00, new design for 2017 Homecoming KIT, reduced to $140 from $172. […]

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21 Oct


By Uncategorized

Forecast is sunny and mid 70’s.  Looking forward to spending the weekend with my daughter and husband in Baltimore.  Sorry for any inconvenience to my customers.  May everyone spend some time outside and some time with needle in hand.

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4 Sep

Back to School

By Colleges, Fall, Uncategorized

In the northeast part of the states this is the last of the summer weekends before the start of a new school year.  College rounds are widely popular and are finished as ornaments, framed or stand-ups  for your bookcase.   Penn Duke Princeton Iowa State Boston College Drexel U Rutgers Villanova Bucknell A few school […]

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27 Aug

Shells on the Beach

By Beach, Cooper Oaks, Julie Mar, Uncategorized

Charley Harper Shells, Kit by Nimble Needle, $153. I’ve always been a shell lover, one of those fondnesses that I can’t explain.  Soft complex colors, complex shapes and smoothness to the touch.  I’ve put together this post for those who might want to stitch shells which then led to the beach which led to posting […]

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