New for this week 1/23

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Caron introduces 15 new Watercolors!  While trying to keep all colors in stock I think I will be selling off some of the older ones that don’t sell.  Despite what the tag says most all my customers are pleased using a single ply on 13 or 14 count canvas. Used widely in charted pieces by Needle Delights and others.  I call it a comfort thread mostly because its easy to use and feels nice.  When doing basketweave work in calculated boxes or move around the area to avoid distracting diagonal  streaks.  Really works best for pattern stitches.


NEW from CBK, Mermaid Crossing the background screams for a fishy darning stitch.  Below this, Fishing Patrol, both pieces $179 and measure 9 1/2 x 14 on 18 count.

mermaid cbk

patrol fishing cbk

cbk puffin

Indigo by Mindy..

Indigo mindy

Echinacea, fold in half for a one piece eyeglass case, available with or without thread kit.

ech ege kit1

A lovely embroidery sampler by Filigram complete with Dinky Dye thread kit.

filigram scissors

And fun retro ski cross stitch piece also by Filigram with Dinky Dye threads.

ski day

These came in and then turned around and went out the door…

japanese sq mindy

animal parade2


Book mark by Whimsy & Grace, customer purchased, will extend the stitching and make a headband from it!
owl bkmk2