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Yamato Rice Paste Glue


Craft Adhesive by Yamato

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Yamato Nori Rice Sticking Paste, 70g Tube. This glue is made from rice starch and it is non-toxic has no fumes.  Nori Paste can be used for Goldwork, Punch Needle, Bunka embroidery and other types of needlework. Bunka embroidery is a punch needle technique and the paste is used to seal the back of the canvas to keep the threads in place. It is often applied to the back of gold work embroidery for the same reasons. Quilters can find this paste helpful too since it washes out of fabrics completely leaving no residue. It can be used to baste fabric pieces such as appliqué or quilt blocks before stitching. Nori paste dries to invisible finish and does not alter or soak through fabric surfaces.  I apply it to the edges of needlework when cutting for finishing instead of fray check or common fabric glue.  Also can be applied safely to the back of needlepoint when you have some precarious areas with short tails or threads such as a rayon that resist being secured.

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