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Stitch Landscapes and Ins & Outs


Stitch Reference Book by Little Shoppe Canvas Company

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Stitching landscapes and Ins & Outs together. Choosing stitches, and selecting threads can be tricky. Stitch Landscape is a comprehensive stitch book designed with categories of multiple stitches to choose from. Stitch Hints are provided in each category to optimize stitches and thread choice. A light bulb indicates a highlighted example of stitching options throughout the book. Each chapter begins by showing an example of a stitch, thread choice, and how to create an interesting effect. Ins & Outs 

This book was created  and designed with the goal to meet all your stitching needs. We categorized and organized all new stitches to simulate interior and exterior structures.

Challenging sections such as Baskets, Trim & Border sections have been included.
Stitch Ins & Outs provides Stitch Hints to optimize stitches and thread choices for each category. Create new and interesting effects using combinations of threads and layering of threads.

A Thumbs Up Smily Face indicates stitch examples throughout the book.


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