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Desert Island Stitches Vol’s I and II


Book by Stitch Play designs

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Listing includes 2 books, Volume I Desert Island Stitches and Volume II
Volume I Desert Island Stitches for Small Spaces: In the beginning chapter, How To Use This Book they write “This is not your usual stitch book. This is an idea book. Reach for this book when you don’t know know what you want to put in a particular space.” The book has Diagonal Stitches, Oblique Stitches, Straight Stitches & Cross Stitches. Scattered throughout the book are Agean Blue pages with hints, tips & advice.  78 pages. White spine.

Volume II Desert Island Stitches Ideas for Creative Borders  80 pages.  IMO fabulous book, easy to read very visual for those who don’t like to read.  Words are separate from the stitch diagrams so if your visual there’s no fishing around for ideas and vice versa.  Beyond the format its just got so many easy, clever and more advanced ideas.   Pink spine.

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