In honor of the Kentucky Derby

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Two new Danji horses came in (from Laurel Burch) and its just a coincidence this weekend is the Kentucky Derby so here’s my nod to Horses.  burch green pony

Petite Green Pony $64.


burch blue pony

Petite Blue Pony $64

These two larger pieces shown are on sale, Raindancer by Leigh and Earth Mare by Laurel Burch.


Earth Mare reduced to $145.


leigh rain dancer

Rain Dancer by Leigh reduced to $119

mere flsk

If your more inclined to party than to watch, if your going to be out why not do it in style?

Stainless Flask, with interchangeable inserts.

Somethings up with the webstore not posting new items that get put up.  It seems stuck for the past month or so.  If you like to see what’s new, and I try to add new items weekly, another place to look is here.  Its very easy to scroll through.  You can always pop over and find your item on the webstore where shipping is a flat rate.

Happy Spring Weekend to everyone.