Relevant Needlepoint

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There is only one Iris, Iris Apfel that is.  And the same can be said about Prince.  Tess & Thorn are young designers bringing real relevance to painted canvas offerings.  Painted to perfection. Sure you can do stitches (asked by nearly everyone as if tent stitch is a cop-out).  But basketweave is perfectly appropriate to these pieces.  Its about stitching something that reflects pop culture for your home (or a friend /family).  A chance to work with fabulous fibers and color to keep your senses alert.  Its a way to relax and have something forever to show for it.  Consider it takes about an hour to stitch a sq inch of basketweave and suddenly needlepoint is a lot cheaper than eating out or going to movies.  The best part?  It might just make you feel better too.

Eleanor is shown with a thread kit; happy to kit Prince and Iris too!



T&T Eleanor the Elephant


tt eleanor kit

Eleanor Kit


Iris Apfel