New items in from Leigh Designs

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Now well stocked with Ashland Sky project bags but also excited about the few new canvases by Leigh also.

For embellishment and experimentation Leigh has some of the best, and most artistic canvases.  She’s one of the few that offers canvases painted on a large selection of mono canvas available by Zweigart, why?  Leigh paints in her own studio here in the States where she can keep stock on a variety of canvas types; that so often enhance her pieces.

pompeii 1

Roman Soldier “Pompeii” with or without thread kit


Seahorse Coaster on french blue canvas

leigh shell

Abalone coaster on french blue canvas

(see seahorse coaster for better representation of canvas color)

wicked woodWicked Wood on sandstone vintage canvas

and for spring, her 6″ Daffodil

leigh daffleigh lily

10″ Daylily on 13 count

leigh JolityJolity Orchid, on sale

For Ashland Sky products click here.  For Leigh Canvases click here.

Leigh red orchid and other sale canvases click SALE.