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Sashiko kit Hungary Tulips & Poppies


Tools by Colonial Needle

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Finished design area 13 1/2″ x 13 1/2″. Kit includes: Tulip Needles Sashiko Needle, Sashiko thread, Pre-printed white cotton cloth and Instructions.  Sashiko thread is a 100% matte cotton thread .  History of the kit is provided in gallery picture but may not be representative of the kit of this listing, shown for reading purposes only.  Appliqué onto existing bag or pillow, make it into a pillow with cotton backing (not included) or for use as a quilt square for quilting enthusiasts, table top decoration or how ever you choose to display!

●Sashiko stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan.

●Originally used for repairs and reinforcements, in the present day it is more often employed for its decorative purpose.

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