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linen bark

Mixed thread collection Bark


Thread Collection by Thread Gatherer

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Includes three skeins of Oriental Linen colors as shown (1 Quartersawn Oak and 2 of Vintage Browns in different dye lots, one has more black and the other more red).  1 skein of Merino Wool and 2 cards of Rainbow Gallery Linen. Oriental linen 52% silk 48% linen / 25 yards.  Merino Wool 100% wool / 30 yards. Rainbow Linen 100% linen from Sweden / 20 yards. Oriental linen can be stitched on 12, 13 or 14 count canvas or couched on 18 count, long stitches show the texture best. Thread is 2 ply but not intended to be plied down. Perfect for surface embroidery work and crazy quilting. Great texture.  Merino Wool and Rainbow Linen are stitchable on 18 count canvas, Merino is best on 13 count IMO.


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