New Canvases for March

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Quiet Night by Chip Dupont for Purple Palm Designs, 4 x 12.  Also new by Purple Palm St Andrews and Pebble andrews pp4 62. pp

Gardening Bunny and Autumn Cup by Melissa Shirley.

106 4.5 x 8 met ms

139 8 x 6.5 met ms

7 1/2 x 5 cn fleur

Sunflower Cross by Creative Needle

7 5 1/4 dedeLavender Flower Girl by Dede

New heart size ornaments by Liz Dillon for Susan Roberts

pa dutch 56 4 3/4x3.5

SR 4.25 x 4.25 52

Version 2

Dragon Belt by Liz Dillon for Susan Roberts

shell belt

Seashell belt by Susan Wallace Barnes for Cooper Oaks

had to sneak in the Black Swan, also available w/o thread kit

swan kit co

Black Swan by Warren Kimble for Cooper Oaks

New Artist for Julie Mar!

JM jazz

Jazz Trio 10 x 13 $185.

Beautiful Water Lily frame, how pretty as a mirror frame for a powder room!

jm lily frame

Julie turtle brick

One of my favorite brick covers,  Backyard Pond by Julie Mar

Lighthouses!  by Needle Crossings

jupiter is nc

Jupiter Island, Florida

montauk nc

Montauk NY

Philadelphia Art Museum, brick cover by Needle Crossings 


New Tallis bags by Bracha Lavee for Julia’s

bl jerusalem stream

Like a Tree Upon Streams (reduced to $189)

BL monuments

Monuments, 13 count (reduced to $189)

Perfect for your shore house (or those who love a beach style look for summer) by Dream House Ventures.

dream fish

Fish by Dream House Ventures

shell dh

Simply Gorgeous Shell, by Dream House too.

Stunning Flamingo, Meredith Collection

flamingo dmc

I leave you with a canvas about love (weddings).  The world can never celebrate too much love. If only love were as sensational as hate seems to be in the media can you imagine what a world we would live in?

I Love Thee, by Ewe & Eye otherwise known as Ewe & Eye and Friends

wedding cake E&E

Also new in laying tools by Rainbow Gallery, several products by Access Commodities, books by Julia Snyder (not up online yet) New Painters Threads colors in Pearl 5 and cute embroidery kits by DMC (not up online yet either) stay tuned.  Oh, yes swatch books/fan decks for Planet Earth threads.

What’s on sale?  Lots…just clear HERE